Dear visitor, Greeting from the president of BMFA at its historic site in Berbera. As everyone starting his higher education, I think that Berbera Maritime and fisheries academy will be fit for everyone. Berbera Maritime Academy is a multi maritime disciplines academy located at historic Ports of Berbera Somaliland in the Gulf of Aden, which offers a solid academic program coupled with a structured cadet life in the college for both men and women. Maritime College prepares students for careers through a content- centered curriculum and a hands-on, team building approach to learning. Maritime offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, and future Coast Guard license and intern programs. Maritime Academy having the future ambition strategy to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in the following areas: Engineering (Marine, Mechanical, Electrical and Facilities), Naval Architecture, Marine Transportation/ Business Administration(minors in Ship Management and Maritime & Port Security), Maritime Studies, Marine Environmental Science (minors in Marine Biology and Meteorology & Oceanography), International Transportation and Trade, and a Master's degree in International Transportation Management. The first maritime school in the country of Somaliland, Maritime College prepares students in the short and long term for careers in the maritime industry, government, Coastguard, and private industry. Future graduates of Maritime College aimed to benefit from a significant amount job placement. Having been Equipped with hands-on experience, students will be prepared for positions of major responsibility regardless of the career path they choose.  In our long term we dreaming to see for our students travel on foot training vessels is an essential component of the Maritime experience. In particularly Most of  the  summer vocations, cadets should get the opportunity to travel across the region and worldwide if nationally maintained or external assistance, to learning about the maritime industry and the operations of the ship,  as well as gaining exposure to international cultures. The summer vocation will be organized to provide students with opportunities for hands-on experience and practical training to complement classroom learning. Berbera Maritime College which is now located in very small compound 400m from water front  property next to the Coastguard Head quarters, Thanks to the assistance of the local municipality, having the will to accommodate a massive land at the appropriate waterfront locations which suits the required space for a typical maritime academy campus. This campus is aimed to accommodate all necessary training equipments as such, A Center for Simulation and Marine Operations, including a Bridge Simulator, Electronics Navigation, and the Radar Simulator, modern dining halls, residence halls, Marine transportation students will be prepared to complete a strong traditional core curriculum in business administration, with a minor in Port and ship management particularly Female and male inshore. This program is integrated into a deck license training program in which cadets study all aspects of navigation, ship handling, and nautical rules of the road. Graduates are qualified to sail as merchant marine officers or to work ashore in the various aspects of the maritime industry, including ship chartering, ship brokerage, the import/export business, port management, and transportation management lecture halls, recreational and athletic facilities, and science and engineering laboratories. Within this platform in developing one of these sectors requires an efficient highly trained skilled human resource to master the huge paramount work load operational requirements within these sectors. Somaliland occupies an 860km long territorial coast a large apple pie portion share, the second maritime space within the countries surrounding the Gulf of Aden Basin. Somaliland overall related Maritime sector development is rated the least developed according to the national economic contribution GNP. The major constrains and barriers facing the poverty, stricken community are lack of basic indispensible technical maritime skills knowhow, to pursue the needy community to take the economic advantage opportunity on their own hands. The resources are there, the human resource is there, what is missing is a leading effective maritime developmental policy, creation of National Maritime education related Institutions within native mainstream itself in general, and if possible foreign assistances contribution in forms of training and capacity building.  The major driving forces behind to establish this institution is what this Berbera Maritime and Fisheries Academy Stands for and all about. President: Capt.Abdirahman Ahmed Ismail President of Berbera Maritime and Fisheries Academy OUR VALUES University Building  MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT: Capt.Abdirahman Ahmed Ismail Professionalism Honesty Meritocracy Gendar Equility Quility Customer Service Modernization High Opinion Team Work Accountibility Acadamic Excellence International Recognized   and accepted Degree  Creating atomosphore    of confidence in our student   and community fortering an atmosphere   where our student recieve   the best eduction possible BMU IS COMMITED TO HISTORICAL PICTURES STUDENT’S ACTIVITIES   BERBERA MARTIME AND FISHERIES ACADEMY